It’s animal “baby season” and we are almost full to capacity. There are some exceptions: for example if an animal could be combined with an existing group. Please visit the TWRA website for a list of licensed rehabilitators and start making calls. We will return your call/text ASAP, but please be patient because we are getting 100+ calls each day.

Harmony Wildlife cares for West Nashville’s orphaned and injured wildlife and returns them to the wild. We help neighbors who have questions about the native wild animals they encounter in their backyards. We provide a temporary place for animals to mature or recover with the goal of release into their natural habitats. We believe that helping humans understand and peacefully coexist with native wildlife makes the world a better place for everyone.

We Need Your Help…And There Are So Many Ways!

  • Would you like to work with animals? Become an animal care volunteer!
  • Would you like to save animals? Become a rescue and transport volunteer!
  • Would you like to give animals a place to live and thrive? Let us use your property as a “release site” for animals when they are ready to go back to the wild.
  • Would you like to help us grow? Become a marketing/communication/fundraising volunteer!
  • Would you like to help us provide the best medical care? Please donate.
  • Do you enjoy shopping? Check out our wish lists (and we don’t need new items, yard sales are treasure troves.)

    EVERY person who loves animals and nature can help Harmony. Please email contact@harmonywildlife.org to introduce yourself and join our team.