Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I found an injured [animal]. Can you help?
    Maybe! Our wildlife rehabilitation license permits us to care for most of Tennessee’s native wildlife. At this time we cannot help white-tailed deer (we’re working on it!), bats, or invasive species. We cannot help domestic or exotic animals.
  2. What does Harmony Wildlife do?
    Harmony’s purpose is to be a resource for local residents who have questions about wild animals they encounter, and a temporary place for injured or orphaned animals to recover and mature with the goal of release into the wild.

  3. What animals do you help?
    Harmony Wildlife can help many orphaned and injured wild animals native to Tennessee. We do not rehabilitate domestic animals or exotic pets. Some of the animals we can help include:

  4. Are you open to the public?
    No. Harmony is not open to the public. If you would like to see the facility and help we’d be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss volunteer opportunities!

  5. What are your qualifications?
    Harmony’s founder, Carol Burgess, has been rehabilitating animals in Texas and Tennessee for more than 30 years. Our Animal Care Director, Laurie Campbell, came to Harmony after 13 years at Walden’s Puddle. Stasia Kudrez has volunteered at both rehabilitation centers. We are permitted under the auspices of TWRA and the USFWS.

  6. Are you veterinarians?
    No. We are not veterinarians but we will work closely with veterinarians who will treat the animals. Our role is to provide care while the animals mature or recover.

  7. What happens to the animals?
    The ultimate goal is to help animals go back to being wild animals. We bring them to appropriate release sites in other parts of Tennessee. Animals will NOT be released in this neighborhood because we do not want to create—or be suspected of creating—nuisance animals. In fact, the opposite would be true because the animals would be moved elsewhere, thus easing pressure on our community’s carrying capacity.

  8. I have questions, how do learn more?
    Contact us at any time: or ‪(615) 266-5701‬.